Dynamic, modern and determined to make a difference. Aldermore is an exciting brand, here to challenge the established view of what banking should be.

Aldermore needed a digital partner to share their mission. To help them disrupt the sector and offer customers a viable alternative to the established banks. As the first phase of a long-term strategy, we created a website that would cement Aldermore's positioning and reinforce its brand pillars of exceptional service, total transparency and community.



Aldermore was ready to offer greater diversity in the banking sector and meet the needs of its under-served customers.

Aldermore commissioned us to undertake a digital transformation that would allow it to continue delivering on its brand pillars. The new website would need to reflect the bank's fresh and exciting identity, whilst offering a personalised user experience that brought relevant value-added content to each customer.

To better understand the challenge as well as the perceptions, wants, needs and expectations of Aldermore customers, extensive research was undertaken by both our team and theirs. From here, we segmented the audience to identify user journeys that would inform the structure of the site’s content and allow for a more meaningful experience.

Catherine Rigby

“We carried out deep analysis of the sector as well as its audience, working side-by-side to define a long-term strategic vision for how digital would be used.”

Catherine Rigby Head of Planning


Aldermore's already great content was given greater prominence and made easier to access for every customer.

We made all of Aldermore’s core services visible at-a-glance from the homepage, whilst a new customisation tool was added to allow users to shape their own experience. By selecting the service most relevant to them, users are now immediately presented with insightful, relevant content.

Hayden Evans
Hayden Evans

“We introduced a modern, clean design that reflects both Aldermore's forward-thinking positioning and an approachable tone of voice that creates a more personal feel to the user experience.”

Hayden Evans Creative Director


Aldermore's technical requirements included efficient content management and improved functionality.

With that in mind, Umbraco 7 was identified as the best-fit content management system to meet Aldermore’s wide ranging needs, offering modular content management, flexibility and scalability. Its implementation has provided a CMS that can be developed further as the bank's requirements evolve.

By making use of modular widgets, a big advantage has been the reduction of page templates from 70 to 10. This removed any clutter in the back-end, drastically improving the efficiency and intuitiveness of content creation and management.

Joe Earnshaw

“Using Umbraco and innovative packages, we've allowed a wide array of content to be managed in a format that is both flexible and intuitive to editors and site visitors.”

Joe Earnshaw .NET Developer


"The completion of the first phase of our digital transformation is an important milestone for Aldermore. We have built the website around the customer, giving them the tools to customise their experience and providing fast and easy access to relevant, useful content. Each customer's digital experience reflects and reinforces our core values of being straightforward and providing expertise. Although in its infancy, the new site is making a tangible contribution as we look to achieve our long-term objectives."
Caroline Austen, Head of Digital Insights & Customer Experience Aldermore
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