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Novus Leisure's Late Night London owns and operates 40 unique and stylish venues located throughout the West End and City. 

It required a new website that would serve as its primary acquisition channel, as well as a fresh approach to SEO and PPC to help support its commercial objectives. We worked closely with its in-house team to devise a digital strategy focused on turning Late Night London into a memorable lifestyle brand and capturing the essence and appeal of each of the group's bars and clubs.



Late Night London required a commercially-effective digital strategy, comprising of an engaging website and target-driven campaigns.

Its current site was outdated and underperforming. It required a digital hub that could attract more visitors, allow them to discover more about each venue and inspire them to make a booking, such as a table, party or cocktail class. The site had to be reflective of Late Night London's new brand identity, but also showcase the unique appeal of each venue.

The search campaign had to begin with a smooth transition from the old site to the new in order to preserve its positive rankings. It then needed SEO and PPC campaigns that targeted relevant keywords, raised awareness of individual bars and achieved a measurable return on investment.


We made the transition from a listings site to an engaging lifestyle blog.

We wanted to make sure the website reflected what it meant to be part of the nightlife of one of the world's most exciting cities. It needed to ooze style - both in appearance and in how it spoke to the audience - and provide users with engaging content. In doing so, we made Late Night London a lifestyle brand in its own right. But not without each venue having its own space to promote its unique offering.

The use of whitespace within the design has allowed for a slick, professional look-and-feel. A bold carousel provides the team with the space to promote individual venues and offers. The latest blog content is positioned prominently to draw the user in and encourage exploration. And promotional content is used sparingly for maximum impact.

Ben Siwoku

“We extended the new Late Night London identity to create clean, minimalistic designs that focus on presenting users with engaging content rather than overwhelming them with promotional messages.”

Ben Siwoku Head Designer

We made information about venues easy to find to streamline the process of planning and booking a table, class or party.

All venues have a dedicated content page, which provides general information, photography from nights out (aka 'Scenestealers'), menus, events, and strong calls to action to book. Additional links for related bars and clubs are included too, ensuring visitors can browse alternatives to find the right venue for their special occasion.

Secure integration with booking functionality allows users to quickly submit their booking information - including occasion, party size, time, date and personal information. 

Alec Woolford
Alec Woolford

“Each venue page has useful information to help the user. They focus on guiding users towards the booking process, where their information is pushed to the individual venue's events team to manage. User information is captured within an integrated CRM to provide future marketing opportunities for the Late Night London team.”

Alec Woolford Operations Director

Sitecore was identified and implemented as the new platform's CMS.

With its easy and efficient content management, intuitive workflows and natural content structure, Sitecore has provided a number of time and cost saving advantages for the Late Night London team. 

Each blogpost is tagged, allowing for cross-promotion of content on venue pages and other areas of the site. In addition, Sitecore affords Late Night London the ability to scale up, promote new campaigns across the entire site or for specific venues and moderate user generated content.


Organic search began with the smooth transition to the new website, followed by targeted campaigns.

The benefit of having dedicated SEO, design and development teams under one roof is that we're able to work together closely on making a website as successful as possible. The new site was built entirely with search in mind. This made the first phase of the search activity - the transition from old to new - a smooth process, allowing us to preserve current rankings.

The next phase was to begin planning and creating campaigns to raise awareness of Late Night London venues, particularly amongst people planning nights out, parties or dining.

Danielle Williams

“We've launched campaigns focusing on cocktail classes, Christmas parties and other non-seasonal keywords, continually reviewing and refining to improve their impact on Late Night London's KPIs.”

Danielle Williams Head of SEO


Gavin Burgham

“We took a best practice approach to the campaign rebuild, laying the foundation for long-term success. As a result, Late Night London has seen a significant commercial benefit.”

Gavin Burgham Head of Digital Advertising

We eliminated wasted spend and rebuilt the account to make Late Night London's budget go further.

This included the introduction of geo-targeting (i.e. focusing on non location-based keywords when targeting people in London) to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the campaign. Like SEO, our campaigns included Christmas, New Year and World Cup as well as all year round occasions, such as birthdays and anniversaries.

In addition, we used remarketing to retarget people with incentives and offers - such as free champagne receptions for returning customers. By measuring the effectiveness of the campaigns on an ongoing basis, we've been able to identify and implement improvements to maximise success.


The new strategy is helping Late Night London to make the most of digital and fulfil its commercial ambitions.

By taking a content first approach, Late Night London's audience is larger than ever before. It's an audience that's better engaged and better informed about what each of its venues has to offer - particularly in relation to parties, meals and cocktail classes.

The company can more efficiently capture user information, providing future marketing opportunities, and plans are in place to embrace more of Sitecore's expansive functionality. This is all supported by ongoing digital marketing campaigns, including SEO and PPC, which are helping to drive forward traffic and bookings.

229% conversions increase

Conversions are up by 229% from organic search and 19% from PPC.

Revenue up by 109%

Revenue generated by Late Night London's PPC campaigns is up by 109%.

Search traffic up by 32%

Since the site's launch, traffic is up by 32% year-on-year.

"We wanted to ensure our customers had an enjoyable, engaging experience booking and planning their social and corporate events. Going out should be fun. We wanted the new-look Late Night London to reflect that and extend their experience online. The major overhaul, along with our SEO and PPC campaigns, has increased the awareness and digital sales for all our London venues."
Ellen Modin, Digital Marketing Manager Late Night London
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