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The bailiwick of Guernsey is a unique, historic tourism destination offering idyllic surroundings that blend French and British influences.

Our brief was to create a new tourism website that blended inspirational content with stronger calls to action that would help generate leads for local tourism businesses. We used our experience in the destination marketing industry to guide Visit Guernsey towards a modern and distinctive digital experience that fulfils its dual aspirations.



Guernsey prides itself on its warm hospitality and friendly welcome, personified by the people who form its tourism industry.

The new Visit Guernsey website needed to encapsulate that character and personality. It needed to showcase the island's broad appeal as well as its rich history and stunning coastline. But it had to be more than just a brochure site. One of the organisation's most important objectives was to encourage users to visit the websites of the local businesses that form its tourism industry and generate new opportunities for the economy.

In addition, with so much great content to share and a team ready to promote the region, Visit Guernsey required a user-friendly, efficient back-end system that made managing its content and maintaining the site a quick and easy process


We were inspired by Guernsey's stunning coastal line.

Visit Guernsey had already invested in its brand, calling upon Vivid in Manchester to devise a new look-and-feel. Upon our appointment, we began working in close partnership with the client and its design agency to incorporate the new brand into our designs. We opted for brushstrokes, curved shapes and oceanic colours that reflected the islands' unique appeal. Big, bold imagery set against a clean, sleek approach was introduced, meaning Guernsey's iconic locations jumped off the page and grabbed the visitors' attention. 

But it wasn't all about aesthetic appeal. Banner advertising is a key revenue driver for the region's tourism industry and needed to be accommodated within the designs. We ensured they blended well with the rest of the site's content to avoid compromising the design, taking the same approach to the calls to action, which are now included on every page.

Ant Clark

“We wanted to create a site that was unique to the Bailiwick of Guernsey and which showcased what the islands are really about. Plus, to help Visit Guernsey fulfil its lead generation needs, we placed stylised calls to action in prominent positions to drive enquiries and encourage further exploration.”

Ant Clark Head Designer

The site offered a variety of user-friendly content.

From its dedicated sections for planning a visit, including accommodation, flights, ferries and tour operations. To its helpful guides on food and drink; history, arts and culture; island hopping experiences; and 'Guernsey's Great Things'. This site is packed with things to help users discover more about the island and what it has to offer.

Another new feature is its Tasty Walks, a series of self-guided walks covering great things to see, do and experience along the way. Users can discover more about each walk through the site via content pages and an interactive map as well as download an audio file and downloadable route map to help them.

product-detail copy.jpg


Our focus was on making the content publishing process as simple and efficient as possible.

Based on the requirements of Visit Guernsey, we recommended and implemented a Drupal CMS. Its bare bones package afforded us the opportunity to create the platform bespoke to the organisation's needs, utilising a host of modules that expedited the development process for a quicker launch.

With big imagery integral to the site, we have ensured Visit Guernsey has complete control over how they appear. Images can be cropped and manipulated to fit the section of the site they feature in. In addition, we reduced the number of page templates to make the site easier to manage.

Stephen Sanders

“Drupal offers a number of advantages to Visit Guernsey, from easy content management to a powerful media library used to host a wide range of content. The integrated modules allowed us to meet all of the organisation's key requirements within the new CMS.”

Stephen Sanders Technical Team Lead


Since launching in early 2015, we've seen strong results across all KPIs.

We're now working with the client to ensure the impressive start is maintained. In doing so, the site will fulfil all objectives outlined by the Visit Guernsey team at the start of the project; and with new features being added in phase two, we expect to see further uplifts across all metrics.

49% growth in visits

A year-on-year comparison shows visits are up 49% since launch

Massive growth in referrals

Referred traffic to local businesses in the first two months of 2015 represent 38% of the total figure for 2014.

48% increase in page views

Since launch, there has been a 48% growth in page views.

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