Mobile – the time is now!

It’s no secret, mobile marketing is big business, but just how big and how far reaching are we talking?

There are some incredible stats floating around that demonstrate how big businesses have made the most of mobile opportunities. Starbucks, for example, takes one in four of its payments in the US via mobile phone (that’s over 6 million transactions!).

Internationally, the uptake has been faster than the UK but that is more likely to be a reflection of the infrastructure. In India, for instance, around 40% of search and a massive 67% of e-commerce is mobile.

The UK mobile market is looking far from weak. Last year 15% of pre-Christmas search activity was carried out on mobile devices and this is set to increase every year. Research has shown that 83% of users now go online via their mobile at least once a day and over 50% have multiple online sessions each day. (Source: Google, 2011)

Up to 40% of a website’s traffic can come from mobile devices, and not just in the expected markets such as social media platforms and entertainment venues like bars and restaurants. Meanwhile, 30% of all traffic to Shop Direct sites, which includes Very and Littlewoods, now comes from mobile devices.

How to capitalise

Getting a mobile compatible web presence is the first step to success; be it responsive design, a mobile specific site or an app. Next, it’s all about getting the traffic…

Optimising a site specifically for mobile search is commonplace and runs with similar protocols to traditional SEO. Google released details of their Googlebot-mobile for smartphones almost a year ago.  Meanwhile, link-building will still carry the same risks under post-penguin conditions, but should carry the mobile theme for best effect.

The direct route to more mobile traffic would be paid search and this is a quantifiable opportunity. PPC for mobile is less competitive and therefore cheaper than the traditional format, costing a considerable 35% less.

Regardless of sector, your audience is mobile. The only question now should be; what is the most cost-effective method of reaching them?

Paul Goonoo, head of SEM

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