Breakfast waffle… Why you’ll be hearing more about SoLoMo

breafastwaffle2 Breakfast waffle... Why you’ll be hearing more about SoLoMoEvery week, our very own Ben Hatton provides insight and analysis on a different digital topic. This week, he looks at the rise of SoLoMo.

Why you’ll be hearing more about SoLoMo

“You’d be forgiven for thinking it refers to the latest hip and happening area in London or New York, but in fact SoLoMo is the latest buzzword in digital marketing.

Social, Local and Mobile – SoLoMo – is the convergence of these factors into one package, with the smartphone the tool of choice for delivering its potential for brands.

Marketers can target consumers in specific geographical locations, using the power of peer recommendation and referral to generate sales.

Smartphones combine location, social and purchase data, enabling brands to offer highly personal, relevant messaging and promotions. Add in the promise of phones as e-wallets and it’s no wonder marketers are excited.

Mobile has the potential to fulfil the promise of one-to-one marketing – but with power comes responsibility, and brands should ensure that consumers feel they stand to gain from the relationship.

Technology and applications are constantly evolving. Check-ins on sites such as Foursquare and Facebook will drive SoLoMo applications, allowing consumers to control the relationship.

Brands can also use “geofencing” – when people come into a defined area, such as a shopping centre, they are notified, perhaps with an offer or similar incentive.

By combining preference or behavioural data into the mix, brands can start to make ever smarter predictions about what their customers will do next, and where, and then produce socially engaging content that spreads the word.

With convergence in the UK happening relatively slowly so far, this could be a key opportunity for shrewd brands to steal a march on their rivals.

Simplicity is the key to a successful SoLoMo strategy. Brands should focus on their audience, rather than the technology – that’s a winning proposition.”

Ben’s next column will be published here on Friday 23 November.

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