Breakfast waffle… Marketers must take charge of mobile sites

breafastwaffle2 Breakfast waffle... Marketers must take charge of mobile sitesBen Hatton’s latest column looks at the importance of marketers taking ownership of their organisation’s mobile site if they want to maximise its full potential.

“The bigger the ship, the harder it can be to turn – and that applies to businesses too.

Is that why so few of our major brands have properly optimised mobile sites?

Research by the Interactive Advertising Bureau has found that just 37% of the UK’s 100 biggest advertisers have mobile-optimised sites. This comes despite predictions that within 12 months the majority of search clicks will be made via mobile.

The remaining brands will soon realise there’s money to be made via good mobile sites – and lost by bad ones.

Customers often visit a mobile site to check opening hours or the price and availability of an item before they buy. Brands need to put this kind of functionality at the very core of their mobile strategy rather than whatever brand promotion might be leading their desktop site.

Mobile also offers functions that desktops can’t match, such as the ability to swipe between pages, cameras, geolocation and click to call, which consumers have come to expect as standard.

More switched-on brands have teams dedicated to updating content daily – or even more frequently – as mobile users tend to check their devices at regular intervals throughout the day.

It’s vital for brands and retailers to constantly review their mobile strategies. It’s not just an irksome job “best left to the IT guys”, it’s an essential element in the overall marketing structure.

Marketers must grab the reins to ensure that they – rather than their firm’s IT department – set the look and accessibility of their mobile site. It pays to create the best mobile offer you can.”

We’ll publish Ben’s next column on Friday 7 December. Alternatively, you can check out some of Ben’s previous articles by visiting the Liverpool Daily Post

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