Breakfast waffle… Tablets will drive 2013 e-marketing

breafastwaffle2 Breakfast waffle... Tablets will drive 2013 e marketingAre online retailers ready for a tablet-led future? Ben Hatton’s latest column from the Liverpool Daily Post looks at the market’s growth.

“In terms of data access, tablet computers have been the big success story of recent years.

Sales have rocketed since the launch of the iPad in 2010. While most are used by consumers, they are increasingly finding a market with workers who spend a lot of time out of the office and need to access corporate data.

Gartner’s tablet device report estimates businesses bought 13m tablets during 2012, a figure predicted to rise to 53m by 2016.

A study by Deloitte predicts that we’ll see a change this year in the way tablets look – screens are likely to get an inch or so bigger, as the size of the frame is reduced, to make web browsing easier.

With the Microsoft Surface joining Amazon’s Kindle Fire, Samsung’s Galaxy and the Nexus 10 from Google, along with other – often cheaper – devices, the marketplace is already looking highly competitive. Expect some casualties this year.

The battle is on to break Apple’s dominance – it has a 57% share of the UK market according to Ofcom. As credible alternatives to the iPad are now available, price will become a critical factor for consumers.

For brands, the tablet market is potentially massive – research by Total Media found the average UK tablet owner spends more online than consumers who only own smartphones.

Tablets are changing consumers’ behaviour. Owners are more likely than smartphone users to watch videos, catch-up TV, live TV and films – in other words, to engage more and consume more.

So tablets offer brands the opportunity to drive greater engagement with higher-spending consumers. That has to be a key to marketing strategies in 2013″

There’ll be more breakfast waffle next week.

email Breakfast waffle... Tablets will drive 2013 e marketing

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