Google Analytics layout changes explained

If you’ve logged into your Google Analytics account during the last week, you will have no doubt noticed a change to its layout and structure.

Seemingly overnight Google has rolled out an update to make this tool much easier to use and a lot more user friendly. To help you get to grips with the changes, we’re running the rule over some of the most notable changes.

Top Navigation

If you get annoyed having scrolling to the top when you want to access one of the options in the top navigation, you’ll be pleased to know this is no longer an issue. The top navigation now floats down the page when you scroll, allowing you to move easily from one section to another.

Previously, the top navigation had three options – Home, Standard Reporting and Custom Reporting.  What you will now see is that everything that used to fall under the Home option now sits under the Reporting option and is displayed down the left.

Customisation, previously custom reports, doesn’t appear to have changed at present.

The left hand side of the top navigation where you select your profile has been updated with a new logo. It’s slightly wider and when moving from one profile to another you will see a list of your recent profiles being added to the bottom of the drop down navigation.

Left side Navigation

Dashboards, Shortcuts and Intelligence Events (which used to fall under the Home section) are now grouped together under the title My Stuff and are easy to access from the main navigation.  You can now customise each report from the main navigation.

Due to the growing interest in real time real time analytics, it has now been moved to sit as part of the standard reports you can get from your Google Analytics account.

Advertising has now been moved under Traffic Sources, rather than sit on its own; this is a move that’s been welcomed by most as paid traffic is a valuable traffic source and there is no reason for it to stand alone.


If you choose to create a new dashboard, you will notice quite a few changes here too. You can either choose to start with a blank canvas or a starter dashboard.  By choosing a blank canvas you will be given a set number of options.

Two new options that will prove extremely useful are GEOMAP and BAR.

Selecting GEOMAPs gives you the chance to select the metric which you want to view and choose to display The World, Continents or Subcontinents.  While selecting the BAR option gives you a very in-depth way of displaying your data.

The look and layout of the dashboards have also changed. You now have numerous options as to which layout you choose for your dashboard (this falls under the customise dashboard option). In addition to this, when you add your widgets to the dashboard, you will notice that you now get a white widget on a very light grey background; this makes the visual aspect of the dashboard a lot more appealing.

Google Analytics is going to be a lot easier to use; options are now quickly accessible and the platform is showing signs of being faster to run. Another benefit is the relative simplicity of customising analytics around the data that is most important to your business, so you can track the results that matter most.

Danielle Williams, SEO manager

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