Digital advertising Success Stories

We work with clients in two ways - as part of a full-service digital offering and as their dedicated PPC agency - helping businesses of all sizes to increase visibility, drive more traffic, lower ad spend and improve commercial success.

Here are five recent digital advertising projects that have yielded excellent results:

A 1,738% increase in ROI for a sports fashion retailer

 We helped redefine Footasylum’s search strategy, targeting and catering for much wider audiences than ever before. Further successes include a 77% increase in click-through rates and 130% increase in PLA revenue.

A 152% increase in PPC-generated revenue for a worldwide shipping provider

Transglobal Express approached us to help further define its presence online, both across the UK and beyond. Key successes include a 168% increase in ROI and a 395% increase in conversions across Bing!.

A 55% increase in ROI for an outdoor clothes specialist

 Having approached us to overhaul it online presence, John Norris wanted to transition from a simple mail order business to an e-commerce leader in its sector. With search in mind, we’ve helped the retailer generate £15,000 from remarketing and experience a 51% increase in PPC-generated revenue.

A 161% increase in conversions for a national leisure brand

 Novus Leisure commissioned us to enhance its search strategy and drive online bookings and enquiries for its two flagship brands; Late Night London and Tiger Tiger. We’ve driven a 109% increase in revenue for the former, and a 229% increase in PPC generated-revenue for the latter.

A 334% increase in mobile conversions for a national recruiter

Fish4jobs required greater exposure and a way in which it more effectively target its key audiences. As well as increasing overall conversion rates by 68%, we helped decrease the cost per application by 33%.