Display Campaigns

Display campaigns are run through the Google Display Network (GDN), appearing as part of third-party website with ads showing in a variety of formats. Campaigns like this are great for brand building and increasing your exposure, as you’re able to include media ads around either your organisation or your products.

Ads are triggered based on a number of different factors; these can range from the use of keywords, while you can also select the specific sites you want your ads to appear across. User demographics can also be taken into account, as can past browsing behaviors; this then ensures that only the absolutely correct audiences are targeted as part of a campaign.

What are the main benefits of display advertising?

Display advertising is a great way of grabbing users’ attention; ads can be image-based, video, etc., and can fully embody your brand and the messages you are trying to communicate to users. Ads like this can appear in a variety of formats across a page and, as already noted, are are great way to build brand exposure and target users over a set amount of time. Individuals can then click through the ads, which can be linked to relevant areas of your website.

We devise and implement effective strategies and create ads that both fully consider and target your key audiences. Budget, like each of the paid search or biddable media campaigns we manage, will be used efficiently; ensuring the campaign is cost-effective and delivers against the core targets and objectives you have in place.

The cost-effective nature of display campaigns can also not be over-looked; compared to more traditional means of advertising (such as TV, Radio, etc.), display offers much more valuable for money and allows for return to be more effectively maximised. As you can decide exactly to which audiences your ads appear and how many times this occurs, you are afforded complete control over spend and budget - therefore eliminating wasted spend that can occur in more traditional forms of advertising.