Free SEO and PPC account reviews

Are you getting the most out of your digital marketing budget?

It’s a question all in-house teams ask themselves, but how sure are you of the answer?

As an agency with a specialist digital marketing team, incorporating SEO and all forms of online advertising, we are well-placed to review the performance of your current strategies and campaigns. Our comprehensive analysis identifies areas for improvement as well as the strengths to maintain and build upon.

Our SEO SWOT analysis provides an evaluation of all factors that influence your search engine presence for both desktop/laptop and mobile/tablet. It can be used to refine an existing campaign or lay the foundations for a new approach to maximise the commercial return on your digital marketing investment.

Likewise, our PPC account review provides a comprehensive analysis of the set-up and performance of your paid activity. We look at the structure of your account, the keywords you’re targeting and the ads you’re using. We provide you with a written report that we follow-up with a call to discuss in more detail.

There is no obligation beyond the free review. But it goes without saying that we’d love to help you implement any improvements we identify for your SEO and/or PPC activity.

We are an experienced digital marketing agency with clients spanning bars and leisure, retail, construction, property and business-to-business industries. We build these relationships on the basis of trust, transparency and results.

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