Google Shopping

Google Shopping Campaigns are an invaluable way of promoting your products as part of search engine results pages (SERPs).

Google Shopping ads consist of important product information such as title, image and price and appear both towards the top of a SERP and as part of the dedicated Google 'Shopping' tab. Ads are returned based on the keywords that individuals use and need to be optimised and managed effectively to ensure that budgets are maximised and quality score improved.

Shopping ads essentially make it more convenient for users to search for and purchase products that they’re interested in; instead of having to navigate through a site in order to find a particular item, shopping ads can be displayed, based on relevant keywords, when a user makes their initial search.

Google is also planning to roll out a ‘Buy now’ button which will appear as part of Google Shopping ads, which means users will be able to purchase products directly through the search engine, rather than having to enter a website; potentially increasing your conversion rates. 

How will the shopping campaign be managed?

We'll devise and implement highly-targeted campaigns, ensuring an intuitive account structure is in place and relevant products accounted for. We'll also work with you to ensure that you product feeds, which are used to populate the campaigns we create, are optimised effectively. This then ensures that the correct product attributes are in place, which are used by Google to return ads based on a user's search. 

As with all of our paid advertising campaigns, budget is considered throughout. The cost-effective strategies we put in place ensure that your ads are only ever shown to interested consumers; this increases the likelihood of conversion and, in turn, reduces the risk of wasted spend.

Ongoing optimistion will be performed, taking into account the evolving nature of both consumers and your competitors. We'll also collaborate closely with you to ensure that your newest and most popular items are accounted for, while existing products groups will be further optimised to ensure consistent conversions are achieved.