PPC Advertising

PPC advertising - also known as paid search - is a way of increasing visibility with prospective customers, where you only pack when they click through to your site.

Whether you're starting a PPC campaign from scratch or your existing campaigns are underperforming, we can help your ad get seen by the right people and deliver the return on investment you require.

We’ll identify the right keywords and produce targeted ad copy, ensuring that the correct audiences are considered and your quality score improves. In addition, we assess your landing pages and advise on any further optimisation to ensure your campaigns work as hard as possible to deliver results.

With the basis of the account set up, we’ll manage the campaigns and conduct ongoing optimisation, based on user and search performance behaviours, as necessary. Budget will be considered throughout; campaigns are optimised to only ever target the audience you need to reach so that your ad spend is never wasted. By improving your quality score, we will also help you to reduce your spend so that ads only appear where they can have the impact you need.

Ultimately, our campaigns are constructed to fulfill two key requirements; increasing your conversions and maximising overall ROI.