Not every visitor to your site will be ready to complete their purchase or enquiry. They may simply be browsing, researching for competitive pricing or shortlisting possible suppliers. Whatever their reason for leaving, it doesn’t mean it’s the end of your relationship.

Remarketing using the Google Display Network (GDN) gives you the opportunity to target users with ads, relevant to your website or the products and services that they may have browsed, within third-party websites. The aim is to reengage users, draw them in with ads relevant to previous browsing behaviours, bring them back to your site and, ultimately, have them convert.

How does it work?

Cookies from your website are placed on a user’s machine or device when they have met certain predefined goals, i.e. when they have viewed a particular page, or reached a certain point in the checkout process. As part of the remarketing campaign, we are then able to specify which ads different users are presented with – audiences can be segmented really intuitively, so you can target exactly who you want, when you want.

With e-commerce in mind, Dynamic remarketing takes this technique one step further and allows you to target individuals at product-level. Instead of simply being presented with general ads around your site, specific products that a user may have viewed can be showcased in their own right; this approach is therefore more likely to resonate with users, encourage click-through rates and, ultimately, lead to a greater number of conversions.

How will we manage your remarketing campaign?

The strategies and thinking behind remarketing campaigns need to be different than those which appear across search engine results pages (SERPs) – they can’t be as generic, and will need to be highly relevant to the audiences you are targeting. We’ll devise impactful campaigns which consider the needs and behaviours of users; tactics that we can employ, to peak user interest, could include displaying discount codes or personal messages.

We’ll continue to optimise the campaign, based on results and behaviours, in order to ensure only relevant individuals are being presented with ads within your campaign. Budget will be maximised and, ultimately, ROI increased in line with lower campaign costs and more defined user targeting.