Social Media Advertising

With hundreds of millions of people using networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and YouTube on a daily basis, social advertising allows you to target vast audiences, within small communities as well as on a large scale, in line with your specific objectives and KPIs.

How is social media advertising managed?

Campaigns are managed through the respective platforms. Here we manage spend and identify which users you should be targetting. Social advertising is a lot like paid search across search engines; you can specify exactly who you want targeting, and under which criteria you want this to take place (time of day, based on certain user behaviours, for example).

Whilst paid search across search engines is focused around presenting users with ads relevant to the keywords they have used as part of a search, social advertising can be more focused to ensure the exact audiences you want targeting are presented with your ads. For example, we can select users who live in certain areas, or specify certain demographics that you wish to be targeted.