Search Due Diligence

Search engine penalisations can have a huge impact on your organisation, drastically reducing your visibility and restricting your efforts in attracting the volume of traffic needed to convert.

We undertake a review to understand if and why your site could have been penalised and determine the steps required in order to recover and progress.

Why do search engines issue penalisations?

Major search engines like Google and Bing are constantly refining their algorithms to ensure content-rich websites, relevant to the searches made by users, are those that rank. They publish ‘guidelines’, which seek to explain how platforms can be most effectively optimised for organic search. If a website falls foul of these guidelines, or tries to improve ranking through what the search engine considers unnatural means, a penalisation could be forthcoming.

Why have I been penalised?

In recent years, many websites have been hit hard by algorithm updates. While there can be many reasons for a penalisation, there are a number of common factors. Your site may have been affected if you have;

  • Bought links
  • Used too many reciprocal links
  • Duplicated content
  • Overused title tags
  • Used a high keyword density
  • Used hidden content
  • Used too much anchor text

Whilst techniques such as these have been successful in the past, the likes of Google have invested heavily to reduce their effectiveness and identify offending sites.