SEO Audits

An SEO audit is an important process for reviewing the performance of your organic search performance, both onsite and off.

The audits we conduct analyse 35+ elements and benchmark against four of your closest competitors, whilst providing full recommendations around the required optimisation and next steps.

With over 15 years of search experience under our belt, we’ve been able to develop an SEO audit plan that covers every single area of a website that influences SEO and a site’s ability to rank across search engine results pages (SERPs). Whilst our process is structured, it allows for tangents and developments to be factored in; particularly important in the ever-changing SEO landscape.

Onsite review

We assess the technical makeup of a platform and embark on a detailed review of a site’s codebase. We analyse site speed - a key factor in how sites are now ranked across search engines - and address platform structure, navigation, URLs, content and more. This affords us an all-round view of a website’s onsite makeup, which leads to informed recommendations.

Offsite review

We’ll review the backlink profiles of your platform against strict criteria, determining which elements are beneficial to your platform and which are not. There’s a fine line between what search engines deem as acceptable or not with regards to backlinking; we’ll assess the strategy you have in place and advise on any changes that are required.

Content / social media audits

We can provide content and social media audits, which will further enhance the overarching view we can develop around your site and its organic search performance. These audits can be conducted in tandem with the onsite and offsite reviews we conduct, while full recommendations will be made around the findings and outcomes.